Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wither The Innocence?

Waiting for delivery of devices to be installed, I bought two books: The Two Mrs Greenvilles by Dominic Dunne, The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule, the former a fiction, the latter non-fiction. It all started with Piercing the Darkness Frank E. Perreti's book on Christian spiritual warfare, the fuelling of angelic strength by prayer of the saints and the great victories won through prayer. The turn of events in Frank's book starts off in Bacon's Corner, reading that book in turn stirred up the hitherto stifled appetite for reading novels (so much technical stuff have been on my reading list for months).

Sally Beth Roe in Piercing the Darkness was at the verge of insanity, she escaped being assassinated. That seem to set in motion her journey to self discovery.
Sally Beth Roe traced her steps backwards, the road she had travelled is littered with wrong choices she made.

Ann Greenville in The Two Mrs Grenvilles, a former chorus girl, sired by a farmer but with cravings for life of affluence, got her dreams coming through only for her to destroy the dreams of others and eventually her own very life.

The Stranger Beside Me. How well do we know our own very self? How well do we know siblings, friends, husband, wife, relatives? I bought the book because it is non fiction, Ted Bundy didn't register in my mind as a man I had cursorily looked through his pictures and that of his victims -the man who couldn't repress his desire to bludgeon to death and often have sex with girls.

It was after reading that novel that I googled the name Ted Bundy, I got to know more about him. In the last interview he had with James Dobson I learnt that he was influenced by violent pornography. He as a kid picked a pornographic magazine depicting sexual violence against female. He continued from just looking at, to fantasizing, he ended up murdering more than 30 girls, at times killing more than one girl a day!
Just when does an innocent baby turn fiendish? A man is a product of his choices. The innocent child picks up all sorts as he grows, he is influenced by the people and things around him.
One should be careful not to be the cause of the defilement of kids around, grow the kids around you to live for a better self and a better society.

It is never too late to choose life so that you might live, it is never too late to reroute your own very life!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

State Of Mind

Recalled SLAN, he's got telepathic abilities. There are times one wish to have this ability, to read mind, dig into the recesses of others mind, get the intents, the untruths, half truth; everything laid bare!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Love Or Lust

she wants to keep him

she should not do that

preached against it

the resolve dissolves

the heat who can bear

don't start the fire

it is nature's implant

she said, planted a kiss

the mind keeps on rearranging

for self an exception made

the standard stands

like for any other man, applies to him

trepidations, 'what ifs' aplenty

"proof you're a man," the beast within gnarled

"yes, you'll be knotted soon," the flesh smirked

he fell

stick it in, stick it out

that ain't what love is all about

spent and eager to please

severally at point of no return

to please self or Him?

He is love, ours is what?

War against self?

Be merciful, O Mighty Jehovah!