Monday, 12 June 2017

Reset Your MTN Nigeria Line To Browse With Data Bundle

The GSM network operators in Nigeria are making a large percentage of their profits through data services these days.

You get to see an increase in data 'give aways' in different forms. These data 'give aways' are baits to get more of their customers to subscribe to one of their structured data service offerings. To the less wary customer the network operators will be maximising profits made through data usage out of bundle -  browsing without an active data subscription.

For example, once the 'give away' data you get when you load airtime (recharge card) is exhausted, on Glo mobile Nigeria you begin browsing @ N1 per 1MB (you will be sent an SMS to inform you of this). As for MTN Nigeria the message you get is "You have exhausted your bundle. Please dial *131# to renew your data plan or *131*200# to browse @ N10.24/MB." If for some reason you had to opt for MTN out of bundle data you may end up using your call credit for Internet connection on your device from then on. 

You don't want this and want to revert back to browsing with the data give away only (or your data subscription ends) what you need to do is dial *131*201# for back to bundle browsing.
As for Glo mobile you just have to pay attention to your text messages as you near end of subscription or better still subscribe for another data offer at your personally set threshold.

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