Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Nigerian President: 2019 Election

Many people are unsure who to vote for, no thanks to the political class wanton greed, unfulfilled promises, dashed hopes...

This article aims to be a pointer to the generality of Nigerians. Political parties will soon present their Presidential candidates, among the eventual Presidential contestants, we should look for qualities that they have exhibited in the past, not limit ourselves to the defeatist mindset that it is either APC or PDP candidate that must win, and never fall for the lie that your vote do not count because if indeed your vote do not count monetary inducement that has characterized recent elections in the country will be non-existent.

The next Nigerian President must be a born leader and not an opportunist or the 'anointed' of greedy political-god-fathers.

He must be decisive and as well be good at galvanising his co-workers - (Ministers, Senators, Honourables, Governors) and the entire populace to execute his programmes.

Herculean as his task will be he needs to be dogged, patient and good in oration. And above all be honest in all his dealings.

No doubt the jackals and cabals that have spread their tentacles into every aspect of governance will fight hard, he will have to make sure he gets the people on his side.

Restructuring, that virtually every well-intentioned Nigerian is shouting about should be done gradually and the process should be as ordinary-man inclusive as possible.