Saturday, 30 September 2017

Get 100% Legal Music Download For As Low As $0.10 Per Track!

The Internet is data.
Data is money. Big money!
The Internet is a very interesting 'place,' (permit me to use the word place).

As it is in real world, on the Internet you get products at varying prices. You may get a can of Coke for a quarter ($0.25) at a shop and get that same quantity at another shop at a dollar per can or more...guess I need to check the Guiness Book of Records for the highest price tag for a Coke.😐

Music is one big business in the real world and on the Internet. You can imagine the millions of dollars a single track off an album make when it sells some few thousand copies on the Internet.

On Music sites such as iTunes Store, Amazon MP3 Store, Google Play Music most tracks sell for more than a dollar. A considerable amount of money will have to be spent to get Music from these sites a few hundred dollars will easily run into thousands of dollars as your Music collection grows.

I will like to inform you that there are legal sites where you can get your Music for considerable cost savings. I am not talking illegal free downloads, I am a strong advocate for doing everything legal.

As you may have known, it is illegal to download most music for free. I do not subscribe to illegal free download considering the fact that a lot of resources go into making music. As the Holy writ says' a labourer is worthy of his wages.'

I have discovered some sites where you can download Music cheap and completely legal. Such sites includes:

1. Iomoio, website:

Registration Fees: Choose deposit amount :

$96 + $96 Birthday Afterparty Bonus

$48 + $32 Birthday Afterparty Bonus

$32 + $16 Birthday Afterparty Bonus

Presently running a promo, on signing up you get $0.32 dollars. Tracks are sold at for as low as $0.10.

2. MP3Panda, website:

Registration Fees: Choose deposit amount




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