Monday, 24 October 2016

How a Canadian Boy's Sexual Orientation Got Mixed Up

This story is culled from CBC Canada's website

A Canadian Woman who dresses her son like a girl, recalled walking out of the court room in shock after a judge ordered her 4-year-old son not be allowed to wear feminine clothing in public.

The Woman recounted that her young son, who is now 5, first started telling her he was a girl. Over time he became more insistent, introducing himself as a girl to others, and when she'd say things like "you're such a good boy" he would act out in frustration and anger.

At age 4, just out of the blues on a fateful day the boy posed her a question, "Mom, at what age did your penis fall off?" A few days later she says he woke up in the middle of the night telling her he was going to cut off his penis.

The Woman says she doesn't know if her child is just curious, or is transgender, but she says it doesn't matter to her. She says what does matter is that the courts respect the right to one's gender expression (that being a 5-year-old boy's!).

The child's father who is separated from her but shares custody on learning of this served her with papers seeking primary custody, blaming her for the child's gender confusion and anxiety.

The two were in a family court in Medicine Hat, Canada in December, 2015, the judge, Judge D.G. Redman kept the Woman as primary caregiver, but in his interim order, said the child will not be permitted to wear clearly female clothes in public, but if he chooses, he could do so in private. 

Then earlier this year in February the case went before Judge F.C. Fisher and in his interim order, he again stated the clothing restriction and granted primary custody to the father. The Woman was given limited access.

She plans to launch a human rights complaint against the two judges. And continue to fight to regain primary custody.

"I'm not going to hide under a rock and just give up, this is still a big fight." She said.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Crediboo: Nigeria's Facebook-styled Social Network

Launch your internet browser, type in and you are presented the welcome page of Crediboo, Nigeria's own Social Media website that pays. It is similar to Facebook, but in contrast to it, you get paid for your post and comments!
Crediboo Welcome Page
The welcome page of Crediboo about says it all. It is a free to join social network website that pays you N50 at sign-up. You are paid N0.5 for your posts and comments on the site.  
Crediboo also reward its active members with N10 every month and you get N5 for every friend that join the social network at your invitation.

The Social network site is the 'new baby' of Bukola Ogundipe, UK Based Nigerian serial entrepreneur and business analyst. He also owns,, Naira Parcel and

In the word of Bukola, Crediboo is not a mutilevel marketing organization and do not support any form of online scam.

You can make withdrawal into your bank account (you supply details of the bank account of your choice where you want your payment sent to at signup) once you have a balance of N1,000 in your wallet.

Long live Crediboo!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Get Fit, Fuzion Style

Located in Ikeja, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi and Apapa all in Lagos Nigeria, Fuzion Centre, the brainchild of Akin and Trisha Maja is an international standard fitness centre with a unique mix of fitness exercises to keep customers fit and trim. 


Customers to the FuZion Centre are treated to a mix of African, Latin, Indian, Street Dance and Pure Fitness routines that keeps them excited even as they achieve tremendous physical and mental benefits that come with keep fit classes. Visit to link up with them.

Best of luck in your keep fit adventures!