Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hello Zenbo!

Meet Zenbo a revolutionary robot being developed by ASUS. Just about 2 feet in height, flat faced; a face that readily changes expression depending on its mood. Zenbo was introduced to the world at the Computex 2016 event in Taipei, Taiwan.
Zenbo can move freely and independently around the house and assist anywhere. It can see with it's in-built camera, recognize faces, take photos and videos, make video calls, and provide remote home monitoring.

Figure 1. Zenbo can speak and show emotions too!

Zenbo speak audible reminders of important information and it can tell stories too. It hears and responds to your naturally spoken requests and questions.
If you are a lover of music Zenbo will supply you your favourite tunes in HiFi quality through it's built-in stereo.
One very intriguing feature of the Zenbo is it's ability to show emotions with different facial expressions.

Internet of things is the nearest future, Zenbo connectivity features enables it to connect to and control smart home devices, order items online, and interact with connected services.
Zenbo is an evolving robot, ASUS runs a free Zenbo Developer Program which provides members access to the Zenbo SDK and a library of information they need to bring their creative ideas to life. Expectedly, custom apps that expand it's capabilities and bring new features to users will be continually churned out.
Zenbo is expected to sell for $599 when it is finally released into the market.