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Please find and download updated Read Holy Bible In A Year app at >>>

A. Shine Ya Eyes - the latest addition to my android app on Google Play. It is a flashlight app for android devices with or without camera flashlight. Shine Ya Eyes is a common pidgin english used in Nigeria, it means be alert, watch out.

Get it on Google Play
For devices without camera light, use the screen of the device.

For devices with camera light, use the screen and camera light for brightest android flashlight!

B. My Bible Reading app on google play is one of the many apps I have in development. See it here:

Get it on Google Play
C. My Android App For Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministries available on Dropbox:

When launched an animated MFM logo with the sound Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Rohim ...plays in low volume (so as not to be a nuisance after repeated use of the app).


  1. There is a glitch in the Bible in a year app. Doesnt show calendar anymore. Its messing up my devotions.

    1. I am deeply sorry for this. Please see the updated version here >>>