Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Free Java Bible Reading Plan for your mobile phone

I realised I can not upload the Bible Reading Plan here as I thought possible. I do have it uploaded to GetJar website http://www.getjar.com/mobile/43832/Bible-Reading-Plan-1-year as Bible Reading Plan 1 Year.

Check the link below also:

For PC http://www.filefactory.com/f/3c52ca55463df156 this is a PDF file


  • RTDB_172x220.jar

  • RTDB_240x320.jar

  • RTDB_320x240.jar

  • Key                 Action               Result
    1                    (hold down) - show book info and position  
    5                    (press)         - toggle autoscroll
    7                    (press)         - find in text e.g. September to go to September month
    9                    (press)         - find next 
    *                    (press)         - toggle backlight
    #                    (press)         - show next font (press repeatedly till the font is of suitable size) 

    When you die, where do you want to end up? Heaven or Hell? Heaven? Then try making the acquaintance of the owner of the Heaven through His Word.

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