Tuesday, 31 January 2017

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Free 4G Phone from Glo

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pastor E.A. Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God's Prophecy for the year 2017

The General Overseer for the Redeemed Christian Church of God said the Prophetic word that describes this year 2017 is surprise.

Read below his prophecy for the year 2017.

  • It will be a year of surprises.
  • For prophets both true and false  it will be a year of surprises.
  • There will be quite a large number of weddings
  • Soul winners will see their prophecies fulfilled almost as soon as they are uttered.

  •  2017 will be a year of surprises both for the oppressed and the oppressor; surprise can be two edged, it can mean one thing for the oppressor and another for the children of God.
  • Those deliberately making life for the common man will be relocated
  • The downward plunge will slow down, it will stop and the reversal will begin.

  •  There will be surprises for many world governments.
  • They are coming in twos: monster earthquakes, monster floods, monster hurricanes and typhoons, monster tornadoes, monster fire outbreaks.

2017 Prophecy by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, General Overseer of The Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries

Praise be to God we made it to year 2017 A.D. 2016 dealt the whole nations of the world a terrible blow especially in the aspect of economy.

Nigeria had it very tough with prices of everyday goods increasing so much so that some were even on a daily basis.

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles at the start of the year made the prophetic utterance that it will be a year of rods. And that was what it turned out to be for a lot of people. He said The Rod (talents/skills) you have need to be used to survive the year.

The trends of this past year continues this year, 2017 has it's own peculiarity though; this can be picked from the Prophetic picture of the year listed below. 
  1. In this year, don't hate anybody
  2. This is a year of confused noises and meaningless storms
  3. This year, there will be heavenly final whistle to those who are attacking genuine God's people
  4. This year is a year of fighting between the road and the road users.
  5. This is a year of incredible and energy sapping battles
  6. This is a year of disgrace of popular international serpents and scorpions
  7. This is a year of incredible victory and supernatural intervention and triumph for so many people (you know this year is 2017; 17 is the number of victory but there is no victory without a battle and no triumph without war)
  8. This is a year of fantastic new beginning for many people
  9. This is a year where the sword will attack the holder of that sword
  10. This is a year - and mark my words - where all those who are investing in corruption, wealth corruption, money and accumulating things by corruption, will yield them multiple sorrow this year
  11. This is one of those years that will favour the givers; a year of mysterious uncommon blessing for givers
  12. This year, many foundational satanic oppression and bondages will expire
  13. This is a year of thanksgiving for divine deliverance
  14. This is a year of great and intensive confrontation between the kingdom of darkness and the children of God, but the children of the mighty God will be victorious
  15. This is a year of great confrontation between morality and immorality, purity and perversion, light and darkness, truth and falsehood
  16. This is a year of great challenges, but also of achievements for those who are ready to fight the good fight of faith
  17. This is a year of extraordinary victory for individuals, institutions and nations who will use their spiritual weapons
  18. This is a year of redemption from many lands that are in contention
  19. This is a year of breakthrough for those who have decided to be fishers of men
  20. This is a year where heaven will honour prayers targeted towards divinely orchestrated victory
  21. This is a no-nonsense year monitored by Herod-slapping angels
  22. This is a year where the last laugh over your enemies will be secured
  23. A lot of prayers are needed for nations that show no respect for the commandment of the Holy, no respect for the words of scriptures
  24. This is a year where those who deeply love the Lord will not be moved by the political, social and economic instability of the time
  25. If you have sown into the things of God, this is a year where blessings will chase you and also over take you
  26. This is a year that will witness the release of angels of abundant harvest
  27. God will begin to raise what we call powerful children ministers; anointed young children because the adults have started to fail God
  28. Serious prayers are needed to avoid what is known as unprecedented convulsion of the earth (i.e. manifestations through earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, extreme weather, terrible winds)
  29. This is a year of double edge divine vengeance
  30. This is a year you must restructure and embrace spiritual revival or perish
  31. This is a year where warfare mentality is a prerequisite for survival. Many who have been laughing at praying warfare prayers before will be the greatest prayer warriors now
  32. Under-obedience will attract very strict heavenly sanction this year
  33. This is a year of huge surprises both pleasant and unpleasant
  34. And I say this with all seriousness, the Lord said it is a year of very deep sorrow for the wicked
  35. This is a year where many who have been mocked shall rejoice
  36. This is a year of satanic recruitment to cage young female teenagers. Serious prayers are needed
  37. This is a year of great awaken. Also, a year of great shaking
  38. This is a year of the kind of showers of blessings that will change many people's stories forever
  39. This is a year of the aggressive rage of sexual demons and sexual perversion in order to kill destinies (This is a very bad year for fornicators and adulterers no matter how clever they are. Some will go on that journey and they wont come back home. Some will be destroyed along the way; the enemy will not give some of them time to repent again)
  40. This will be a very rough year for JONAH Christians
10 keys to hold on to this year
  1. Live a Holy life
  2. Stop unbelief
  3. Have a goal this year
  4. Be persistent
  5. Always seek divine direction
  6. Be filled with Holy Ghost
  7. Disengage yourself from unprofitable friends
  8. Be generous towards God
  9. Locate your weaknesses and address them
  10. Become a prayer and bible addict