Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Android 10: Features at a glance

Android 10 released September, 2019 makes it easier to control and interact with your smart devices.

Let's go through some of the easily noticed features of the new OS.

1. Dark Theme
Android 10's new Dark theme helps reduce your battery power drain.

2.  Gesture Navigation
Quicker, smoother intuitive gesture controls. Navigate forward, backward, pull up, swipe to get around with ease.

3. Sound Amplifier
I guess this is my favourite amongst the great offerings Google is making available in Android 10. This feature enables your phone to boost sound, filter out background noise with your headphones plugged in.

4. Flexible Devices, Foldable Devices...
Viewing and interacting with flexible devices, foldable devices is fun and fluid

5. Data Privacy with More Controls
Easily control your private data, choose what to share when to share all in one place.

Android 10, anyone? Share what intrigues you about Android 10.

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